#1 Prophets, Priests and Kings

Knowing who you are is important, it will shape what you do in ministry.

There are three key roles, of which Jesus fulfilled all three perfectly.

Prophets – They love doctrine, preaching and teaching, they love to read about big words and theology.

Priests – They love people, they love to care for them, help them, cry with them, encourage them through hard times.

Kings – There are big picture people, they love systems and technology, they want to work out how to get the message to everyone.

Driscoll said it is wise to work out who you are and then in your ministry surround yourself with people who are the other ones. It makes ministry easier.

For me, I’m still working this out. I’m terribly disorganised, but love technology and thinking about how ministry should be done and how to connect with people. I also love theology, and always want to improve my preaching skills. i would also say that I am weakest with people, I love them and I’m an extrovert so they energise me, but my pastoral skills are lacking at times. So I would say that I am a mixture of King and Prophet.

I would love feedback on what you think about what I am, also share about yourself.

If you want to hear more about this check out Driscoll’s sermon on it from his Vintage Jesus serries.

This post is the first of ten in following up from a seminar I went to.

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1 Response to #1 Prophets, Priests and Kings

  1. Martin Gibson says:

    I am definately a king, and ok priest!

    I would have made the exact same assessment about you. p.s. post the other nine up! hehe

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