I am now down by the esdge of the Black Sea in Odessa, Its warm yet not too humid. The last few days have been a rollercoaster of events. i would share them but that would ruin the story when i get home.

But I thought I would quickly share about my train trip here. Dad and I jumped on glad we were leaving Kloemyja but sad to see it go. We turnup to our seat to find the train drunk already established on it. This now means the smell of alcohol (luckily vodka as very little aroma) and cigarettes for the rest of the trip. We then spend 8 hours travelling slower than my grandma drives to do a massive U and end up about a 90 min drive NW from where we started and we want to head south. Its here that the fourth of our section joins and he a nice young guy but has some massive luggage, a double bass to be exact. He is moving to odessa to study music as he plays orchestral double bass (impressive). We are travelling 3rd class which means sleepers but not big ones and its all open. This means that to fit in without kicking people in the head as the walk past I have to sleep in the foetal position, which is no fun so I make people duck. In the end it all takes 18 hours which is too long to be stuck with a smelly drunk whilst sneezing your lungs out of your body cause your hayfever has lost the plot and Ukraininan medicine doesnt work.

But I’m looking forward to swimming in the Black Sea to feel the salt again.

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