The Rich and Poor

Just a quick one today.

One thing that is clearly seen here in the Ukraine is the big divide between Rich and Poor, the poor are very poor and the rich are very rich, most people are just getting by, there is no comfortable middle class. All the money is in the corrupt government earning millions that should pay for public resources like roads and transport upgrades.

Also all the money is in Kiev, thats where all the public assets are maintained, yet everywhere else it is going to waste. This is mostly due to the fall of comunism. It left no resources and systems to deal with maintain the place, the coutry became extremely poor and left to fend for itself. I could go on but it would be too much.

Another point of interest is fashion. The guys dont care, simple as that. Before coming I had a few people say I was going to be amazed by all the beautiful women here. And there are many, but the problem isnt their beauty, its their fashion, they dress up as if the are heading to the dico-tech all the time. And they love to wear white, which as everybody knows shows off everything. My theory is, that the amount of beautiful girls is equal to those in Australia, but that over here they dress to show it all the time. Or kinda like the claim that public schools have more hotties than privates (its all in the uniform).

Has anybody alse had this experience of rich and poor or female fashion.

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