Goodbye Sven

So after months of speculation, It has finally been announced that Sven-Goran Eriksson has been sacked by our stupid owner. This past season was great for City supporter with the derby double over United and accumulating the highest points tally in the premier league. I admit it was a season of two halves, having been in the top four until Christmas, to finally come 9th is not the best, but with injuries and many players getting used to the tough slog that is the premiership, some results are understandable too.

The rumours which seem very valid are that Mark Hughes (Blackburn Rovers) is 1st in line for the job, this is good, but I hope he doesn’t bring his dirty play with him, Blackburn always end up at the bottom of the fair play table and considering City made it to Europe through that route this year, it would be sad to see City play dirty football instead of the crisp clean and beautiful football that they showed glimpses of at the beginning of the season.

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2 Responses to Goodbye Sven

  1. I wouldnt worry to much about the dirty play. If City don’t make it to Europe in their own right then you will be looking for another new manager in 12 months time!

  2. Duke says:

    Yeah I totally agree, and I want City to qualify cause they win not cause they are nice boys. Both would be nice though.

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