A New Beginning

I thought about calling this post a fresh beginning but that clashed with the salt idea.

I was kinda getting over blogger so I’ve moved to wordpress.

It also allows me to kinda re-invent what I want to do with my blog.

I felt myself talking about random stuff, that in the end didn’t really say much. (I guess thats what most blog are like!) But I would like to make blogging a worthwhile use of my time now.

So I’ve gone with the salty theme, to encompass both my love of the beach with my love of Jesus so that in this way I can be the salt of the earth.

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3 Responses to A New Beginning

  1. neofreud says:

    Welcome to WordPress, I am also a recent converter from Blogger.

    Good luck! Look forward to reading more of your stuff.

    – Lev

  2. Jumbo says:

    I like the new blog. Looking forward to worthwhile blogging [a paradox]. Classic.

  3. martin says:

    i hate wordpress with great passion, but is good to read your thoughts. And yeah write about exciting things like lepricorns and such. You need to be funny, no more I am going to go to the beach today, oh and tomorrow I am going to go to the beach again ROFL….haha I know it’s not really like that but I always like to tease you about that haha. Keep rocking lime bam bam would!

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