City back to normal

As a Manchester City fan, life always has its ups and downs. At the start of the season it seemed as if things were turning around for a large up and that trajectory was going to continue into the clouds. With Sven at the helm backed by millions, what else could you ask for.
And the dream was on, the start of the season saw city sitting in the top 4 until Christmas. Since then city have hit troubled waters, with less wins than the Rabittoh’s (Well actually maybe one or two more). But we did do the double over ManUre for the first time in 38 years and the squad was building nicely. The turn in form can be partially due to suspensions, injuries and the down turn of form from one or two players.
But the news has been that Shinwatra (Club owner) wants to get rid of Eriksson who has guided city to their best points haul in the Premier League, secured a top 10 spot (which was the goal of the season) and has a young team growing in confidence and ability.
This situation is an absolute joke and make city yet again a laughing stock.
But am I surprised. NO!
This is what it is to be a City fan. Awesome one day, terrible the next. At least we won some silverware (FA Youth Cup, and possibly the National Academy League) this year, which is more than Arsenal and Liverpool can claim.
I would not be surprised to see City loose a whole heap of our talent (Elano, Petrov, Dunne, Richards, Johnson, Corluka)

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