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Burn Your Plastic Jesus

Tickets have gone on sale for Mark Driscoll speaking in Sydney at the Entertainment Centre. Check out the details here. Its all about how Jesus has been hijacked and made into a wimp or ‘fundie’, rule-keeping sage. Who is Jesus … Continue reading

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Come Thou Fount

Been loving this hymn by Robert Robinson Come, Thou Fount of every blessing Tune my heart to sing Thy grace Streams of mercy, never ceasing Call for songs of loudest praise Teach me some melodious sonnet Sung by flaming tongues … Continue reading

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This is classic. The question is: Does it matter that he has already been fully submerged? Of course it doesn’t, but tell me why?

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Now that I have your attention!! I’m curious to find out what people think about gender. Are men and women the same? If so, Why so? If not, Why not? Is the difference just physiological? Obviously we have different stuff, … Continue reading

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City are going to Europe!! They qualified via fair play. Sweet, Now all that needs confirming is Sven’s Job and it will be even better.

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Resolved to Change

Is the way we seek to change right? So often when we are struggling with something, we resolve to change our actions, we make targets and and try hard to change. But this is a mistake. Many times, I myself … Continue reading

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Fairy Floss

What’s the world made of? Really. Let me know what you think

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A New Beginning

I thought about calling this post a fresh beginning but that clashed with the salt idea. I was kinda getting over blogger so I’ve moved to wordpress. It also allows me to kinda re-invent what I want to do with … Continue reading

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How amusing are buzzwords.Lately I’ve been saying ‘classic’ a lot, I think I inherited it from a mate.But one that’s been doing the rounds with my youth is the word ‘awkward’ (first syllable is said falsetto). It’s quite amusing, and … Continue reading

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City back to normal

As a Manchester City fan, life always has its ups and downs. At the start of the season it seemed as if things were turning around for a large up and that trajectory was going to continue into the clouds. … Continue reading

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