City Up + Surfing

I don’t care how many rules for blogging I’m about to break, I’m just excited and feel like posting today, maybe its because I am really tired even after being hopped up on red bull or because of that tiredness, there is no possible way reading my book for doctrine review is going to happen and be profitable.
Today was great, I enjoyed a fun surf with some mates from college, the surf was bigger than the lake I was expecting, and for once I was glad that I was at Maroubra which seemed to be making the most of a small swell.
I was then treated to good news upon my return when I discovered that City had defeated Snotspurs 2-1, a result that ended a streak of 3 games without a win and rebooted the fight for a spot in Europe. Its also broken the bad form against the spurs with the first win since April 2003.
I reference to my tiredness again, it seems that surf + lunch = sleep. Oh well hopefully tonight will be productive after football training, bring on the fitness!

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