iTunes top 25

This is in response to Dave’s blog.
I also have some disclaimers and explanations for the high count of certain songs and artists.
Often when I’m studying I like some more relaxing music so I play an album, the 3 most common being:

  • The Avalanche by Sufjan Stevens
  • How we operate by Gomez

There would also be some garage hymnal songs in there too cause I’ve been dig’n them a lot recently, which is strange for me. But due to a day when it was on repeat for a while I reset the play count. I would also suspect this will change as I extend the duration of time in which I have collected this data (it only been since December and many albums have been added recently too, like I’m Only A Man by Emery, which I am loving at the moment).
But here is my top 25 anyway:

  1. O Praise Him (All This for a King) – David Crowder Band
  2. It’s Too Late – Evermore
  3. Takk… – Sigur Rós
  4. Hoppípolla – Sigur Rós
  5. Glósóli – Sigur Rós
  6. Með Blóðnasir – Sigur Rós
  7. Dear Mr. Supercomputer – Sufjan Stevens
  8. Notice – Gomez
  9. Transparanoia (iTunes Originals Version) – Something for Kate
  10. Feeding the Birds and Hoping for Something In Return – Something for Kate
  11. Animals – Sparkadia
  12. Running – Evermore
  13. Chicago (Multiple Personality Disorder Version) – Sufjan Stevens
  14. Dreams Call Out To Me – Evermore
  15. Real Life – Evermore
  16. Hamoa Beach – Gomez
  17. Girlshapedlovedrug – Gomez
  18. All Alone – The Lyrical Madmen
  19. In My Eyes – Rufio
  20. Sé Lest – Sigur Rós
  21. Gong – Sigur Rós
  22. Deja Vú – Something For Kate
  23. Souvenir – Something For Kate
  24. Inaugural Pop Music for Jane Margaret Byrne – Sufjan Stevens
  25. No Man’s Land – Sufjan Stevens
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6 Responses to iTunes top 25

  1. Dave Miers says:

    nice list.

    The Lyrical Madmen – are they a local ska band? i think i heard them years ago at a friends 21st – cool stuff!

  2. psychodougie says:

    they’re ET’s band
    north shore yuppies all of them
    well, at least Elliot. can’t speak for the rest of them

  3. Duke says:

    Well i think you will find that they are northern beaches bums, not north shore yuppies, and Elliot is a Terry Hillbilly.

  4. Dave Miers says:

    that’s crazy!!
    i liked ska back in high school – so it was a bit of a blast from the past.

    will have to talk to elliot about it.

  5. Dave Miers says:

    hey dave crowder number 1 – do you have an album? or just the one song?

  6. Alee says:

    I’m months behind on this, but yay David Crowder! I go see them in concert as often as physically possible. Have you read his books?

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