Txt GenR’n

Just read an insightful article (yes it is American, but I believe reflects similar trends here in Aus).
Teens always use SMS, they aren’t keen on email, and there is a sense of wanting to keep it private, esp from their parents.
I’ve briefly considered how this might affect our ministry to teens, especially in how we communicate with them.

  • Sending emails is no longer effective.
  • Using SMS is the best way to communicate with them effectively, but there is a cost problem, how do we solve this problem?
  • How can we utilise our use of SMS to build relationships with teens?
  • What should our response be to teens who SMS during youth talks and sermons? (This also relates to the article and the education of teens in social etiquette, has the etiquette changed so that this is acceptable?)

Just some initial thoughts, have you got any comments on how you approach this, or should approach this?

On the privacy thing, check this.

h/t Ypulse

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