Hump Day Prayers #23

It’s been a great week, with much to give thanks for.
Friday was sweet as I jammed with the fresh crew, we got a song we want to do at Fresh sorted, just need a few more practices and will be sweet. Fresh itself was fun, too, had some time to pray together and also have some fun, playing games. Thanks for prayer re: talk, it was well recieved and I pray that it continues to impact on the crews life as well as my own. I was deeply convicted as I prepared about my own lacking prayer life and my time spent in quiet and solitude (Can be hard to find around college).
Also thanks for Sunday, I feel as if I did justice to the passage but will need to work on my delivery, but that’s part of working out how to preach well.
It was also good to meet some of my new team mates at the trial match on Sunday too (we won 2-0).
This week college continues, and to be honest, I’m starting to feel overwhelmed, which doesn’t happen often. I was considering playing futsal one night near college, but that probably wont happen. So wisdom in time management this year will be appreciated, also any advice or wisdom will be a great answer to those prayers too.
Thanks, so in brief:

  • Thanks for band time with fresh crew.
  • Thanks for fresh last week
  • Thanks for sermon prep and continued prayer in improving my delivery.
  • Thanks for a good game of football
  • Time management and extra curricular activities.
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