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Who is the leader?

Just read an interesting article about youth today and their dislike of top-down authority and leadership structures and a preference for peer-peer leadership (which honestly I believe isn’t leadership).A few questions to pose: Who has the final say in the … Continue reading

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Original Sin

I was going to do post on a book review I had to do for college.The problem is Jumbo did one, and I couldn’t do better, so check out his.

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Premiership Prediction Procrastination

Photo:Premierleague Needed a break from work.Thought I would appease my love of Football by throwing out some predictions.It has been an exciting year in the English Premier League with what was looking to be an exciting finish for the title. … Continue reading

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City Up + Surfing

I don’t care how many rules for blogging I’m about to break, I’m just excited and feel like posting today, maybe its because I am really tired even after being hopped up on red bull or because of that tiredness, … Continue reading

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iTunes top 25

This is in response to Dave’s blog.I also have some disclaimers and explanations for the high count of certain songs and artists.Often when I’m studying I like some more relaxing music so I play an album, the 3 most common … Continue reading

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Hump Day Prayers #24

It’s a little late, but here are some prayers. Those who have graduated from college this past year and their ministries around Sydney and the world. Fresh band this Friday, would be an encouraging performance for the crew. College work, … Continue reading

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Txt GenR’n

Just read an insightful article (yes it is American, but I believe reflects similar trends here in Aus).Teens always use SMS, they aren’t keen on email, and there is a sense of wanting to keep it private, esp from their … Continue reading

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