Hump Day Prayers #22

College has started up and its been GREAT!
I’m really excited about this year, not only has it been good seeing everyone, but also finding out about what I will be studying and getting the chance to dive into God’s word more has been great.
Also church has been good too, with Jason and Cindy from college joining as our new student ministers. Talking about church, I am preaching this Sunday on Luke 20:20-40 and so far it has been good as I prepare. I have been able to see the amazing wisdom of Jesus and that we worship a living God who deserves all our praise.
I am also speaking on Eph 3 at Fresh this week to, so it will be a busy one. I am also starting a music project with some of the crew, so we can do a few songs at youth, possibly just items currently, but could form the basis of a youth band that will include congregational singing too.
It has also been good to spend some time getting some exercise to break up the work. Doing some weights and basic fitness. This will be good, not only to let my mind rest but to get myself ready for the Football season of which i have atrial match on Sunday arvo. There are a few new players this year and it will be good to meet and get to know them better.
In summary

  • Thanks for a great start to college
  • Wisdom, understanding and clarity in understanding God’s word as I share on both Friday and Sunday
  • Youth music project.
  • Fitness and meeting new guys at Football.


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