Hump Day Prayers #20

Well it’s good to say that this week has been at least somewhat productive. With the decision to trek into college has paid off. With much more greek getting done, checking out who the new crew are and reading Calvin on the bus (got 60 pages read in 3 bus trips). There is still a lot to be done, but it looks less daunting now.
Friday was fantastic with around 20-25 fresh crew. Had a great time with the boys, they had great questions about predestination and the character of God. This week at Fresh we are having a Superhero dinner, and naturally I will be going as Bananaman. and the talk is on grace.
It was also great to go to one of my good mates wedding, Tom and Ally, you both looked fantastic and congrats.
Also seeking to get a good rhythm going with quiet times. I’ve been enjoying reading revelation of late, its great. It shows a God who a man wants to follow.

So in Summary

  • Holiday college work
  • Thanks for fresh crew and this week.
  • Tom and Ally grow in their love of each other
  • Quiet times.


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One Response to Hump Day Prayers #20

  1. Anonymous says:

    good to see you got the calvin done.
    good job.
    praise God.

    I hope you actually got to enjoy it and learn too. It’s worth every moment.

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