City do the Double on United

Football is a great game, especially when your team wins, like last night when City beat United 2-1, but unlike when Sydney FC lose to Qld 2-0.
It’s been a special year as a City fan, to see us finally going somewhere, and this win was a great one. After lack luster performances over the last month or so, City picked up the pressure and out played united playing brilliant counter-attacking football. The win was the first at Old Trafford for 34 years and the double (City won 1-0 earlier at home) the first in 38.
I agree with Dave, Football will be played in heaven, where all nations and tribes will be present, and football is the ‘World Game’.

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2 Responses to City do the Double on United

  1. Dave Miers says:

    Hey man…

    unlucky with FC… but city have been doing very well!!

    what place do you think they’ll finish?? do you think they’ll be ahead of liverpool at the end of the season?

    how many go to europe?

    bring on the world game in heaven!

  2. Duke says:

    It is so hard to call.
    There is only 6 points separating 4-8, city will have a problem with for-against if there is a tie on points.
    For Europe, top 2 are auto into CL, 3&4 play qualifying matches, 5&6 are UEFA Cup, also winner of the league and FA cup get a spot to the cup (if the winner is in CL then the next best performing team in the cup gets it.
    I think city will come either 5th or 6th.
    Liverpool are so hot and cold, if city come 5th then Liverpool will be 6th, therefore I think Everton will come 4th.

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