KYLC #4 Only This Age

I was going to post last night but by the time I got home and thought about writing I was falling asleep, it was that good.
It’s been a fantastic week digging into God’s word and helping people to understand the bible better. I’ve been deeply challenged and convicted by God’s word, and struck by the serious situation our prosperous country is in. In our efforts to chase after economic prosperity it has come at a huge cost. We spend more time working, less time with our families and friends. Our individualism has meant we have become selfish consumers, not caring for those around us and bringing upon major increases in divorce (much hidden in de-facto relationships which are all about the individual and not the other person) and abortion among other things. This has come about due to the practical outworking of an atheistic mindset, where this world is all there is, so take it by the hands and get all you can. Atheists wont admit this is the case, but in reality the signs are there.
There are lots of questions to be asked and the answers are not easy and many of the answers given seem to be impossible to fulfill.
Here are some questions I’ve briefly reflected on in no particular order.

  • We have lost a day of community rest (people need to work on w/e to feed our consumerism and increase business profit margins, therefore those families with people working loose the opportunity to spend time together, it also make being involved in a community harder as less are having a day off together at the same time), is it possible to redeem this?
  • Why are the rich so bad at giving? (i.e. poor suburbs give as much per head as rich suburbs in Sydney Anglican churches, the poor understand the need for generosity, yet luxury only seeks more luxury, people only give as much as what the church requires, and that amount stays fairly even for each church as it’s size needs) Logically richer suburbs should have more to give therefore providing more funding for ministry and therefore should be creating bigger ministries as more gospel workers can be employed making it possible to reach more people with the gospel, why is this not the case? Because we are selfish and make extensions on million dollar homes, buy a new car every other year in order to keep up with the Jones or whoever lives down the street.
  • The Christian household should look different to the others in their street, by what they buy, how they spend their time and how they act. Is this so? I don’t think so, not noticeably.

I’m not immune to any of these questions, and are guilty of them too. This last week, I have been challenged in my use of what Jesus has entrusted to me. Therefore I need to answer these questions and do these things:

  • In what ways will I show generosity in order that is will harm my luxury?
  • After organising a budget of all my spending, what areas are for my own selfish wants and need to be removed (I was going to write reduced here, but thats a cop-out) and what are needs to be increased in order to serve others?
  • How can I use my time effectively? (i.e. a budget on my time. How do I get rid of wasted time? When will I rest in order to prevent burnout and be faithful to friends and family and God)

There is more I could say but will stop there. Share any thoughts you have, If you were there add or comment on what I have reflected on, that would be great.

KYLC #1, #2, #3.

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