KYLC #3 The Strand

This week I get the great opportunity to help some crew learn how to study and understand the bible and then write a bible study so they can help others learn too.
The basic structure we teach is;

  • Read, read and re-read prayerfully.
  • Sort out Context
  • Look at the Content
  • Work out the big idea of the passage
  • Draw out implications (application)
  • Model a useful structure to use for questions.

For those new to KYLC, it has three strands, the structure above is the first strand and help the delegates to understand the text in front of them.
Strand Two looks at biblical theology and how the whole bible is about Jesus
Strand Three looks at systematic theology and seek to look at themes throughout the Bible and how they link to the major themes in the Bible and Jesus.
It has been one of the most valuable tools for me in my youth ministry.
The group has been great, some fun guys and girls.

KYLC Post #1, #2.

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One Response to KYLC #3 The Strand

  1. Jacqui says:

    Your Strand group looked very cool and lots of fun!! *smile*

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