Today started great, the rain had stopped and got better as the day went on.
The talk from Phillip Jensen was really convicting. It was on materialism.
I haven’t had time to properly digest it to summarise it well so here are some brief points and quotes.

  • Economic excess materialism is unpopular in our society
  • Philosophical Materialism (this is the only world there is) has the cousins of secularism and atheism.
  • It has no virtues, only values, bad ones
  • It is economic foolishness, there is no security in money and possessions – wealth cannot be trusted
  • You are either for God or for Money, can’t serve both (like having one foot on a boat and one on the pier)
  • Those who are Christians want to be Aussies, but you can’t be, the values are not right.
  • Anti-materialism is not the answer, the creation is good and to be enjoyed, but we also should be content (1 Tim 6:3-10)
  • God richly provides, what will you do with that? Generosity is hard.

I’ll leave you with a quote from William Wilberforce.

Generosity is not generosity unless it damages the luxury of our lives.

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