KYLC #1 Fear the Drizzle

I’m up at sunny (also known as drizzling) Katoomba @ Katoomba Youth Leaders Convention.
As normal the weather is not the most pleasant, but thats ok. Hasn’t really fitted with my strands theme of the beach, but hey, its cool to get round with zinc on with no sun though.
First day has been good, had Phillip Jensen give a talk on Secularism. Learnt that there is a difference between secular (of this age) and secularism (there is only this age).

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2 Responses to KYLC #1 Fear the Drizzle

  1. Dave Miers says:

    hey man.
    looking forward to reading more!



    ps – i did a live blog at kylc last year – it went for 1 post!

  2. Martin Gibson says:

    i didn’t know that either!

    have a great time up there and learn heaps i say!

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