I’m not dead! + 2008

Hey all, I haven’t posted for a long time. Sorry.
I am still alive and doing fine. (Rufio one of my fish however isn’t, he died yesterday)
I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. Mine was great, thanks for asking. Will be trying to keep a blog during KYLC, and might post one or two updates from NZ via my phone, see how it goes.
I’m Looking forward to 2008, here’s what will be happening:

  • More Blogs

This year I want my ramblings to be more profound, more interactive and more beneficial and encouraging. As you will see below, my plan is to introduce a few more regular sections. But from last year there will continue to be Hump Day Prayers, Random Ramblings from my life and the odd Random Funny. I would like my blog to become a bit of a resource or at least an encouragement, but I don’t want to remove the blogs about my life, as that is why I started this, to keep my mates informed and to share my joys and struggles with you.

  • Moore College: The 2nd Year.
I’m Looking forward to returning to college and getting into God’s word more, reading heavily and trying hard to understand Greek. I’m also keen to see my college mates again and enjoy that great community, esp. at Chappo. To help my own study and to give you a window into my studies, I plan to start a section relating to what I’m learning. A possible working title at the moment is Sunday Synthesis, but suggestions are welcome.
  • More Fresh youth action

I’m excited for another year of Youth at North Epping. Will be great to build on the first year, got some new crew coming up a year, got a new location in the new church building. Will be a fun year as we plan to look at Ephesians, John, The Psalms and possibly a topical term on the internet. Should be great. Will continue posting about my experiences and thoughts on youth ministry through the year.

  • More Football

With City going so well this season, my posts might heat up. Also Sydney FC’s meteoric rise under Kossie has brought much happiness. C’mon minor premiership. Also looking forward to staying active with my local team, the mighty Collaroy Cromer Strikers as I might possibly play two games for 4’s and 4 reserves as the tree between the sticks. And to keep fitness up will be playing futsal at Sydney Uni during Term.

  • More Surfing

I still suck at it, and I still don’t go enough, especial with all the swell thats been around lately. But looking forward to my trip to NZ for some waves. Still need to fix my Esky Lid (Bodyboard), I do miss it (Shame, I know). But might purchase my friends mini mal, cause thats lots of fun. I still love the water and yet again will miss the smell and the sound while at college.

  • More Travel

I didn’t go away much last year, but Dad has been generous and together we will be heading to NZ in just over a week to visit my sister Deb and her husband John for a few days, then go check out the Nth Island and go surfing, fishing and adventuring for a 7 days.
In June/July dad is also taking me to the Ukraine to see relatives, this will be a great trip, and I am looking forward to it with much anticipation.

So thats the plan for the year, hope you enjoy and are encouraged

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2 Responses to I’m not dead! + 2008

  1. Dave Miers says:

    looking forward to that kylc live blog!

    sydney and man city are doing well!!

    still reliving the 5-4 between fc and mariners

  2. Wave Rider says:

    Love your blogs. Glad to see you’re back. Keep em coming!

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