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Leaving NZ

It’s been a fun time here in NZ, just about to enjoy my last night.Will post more when i get home but thought I would share a photo or two.

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New Zealand

I’m over half way in my NZ trip, its been great and I’ve had lots of fun (tho the surf has been disappointing) traveling around with my dad. It is such a beautiful country, just looking around shows God’s glory … Continue reading

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KYLC #5 All One In Christ Jesus

One of the great things about KYLC is that it gathers people from around the country (Mostly Sydney, tho there was crew from Townsville) and from a variety of denominations. Was all congregate in Katoomba and we share together in … Continue reading

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KYLC #4 Only This Age

I was going to post last night but by the time I got home and thought about writing I was falling asleep, it was that good.It’s been a fantastic week digging into God’s word and helping people to understand the … Continue reading

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KYLC #3 The Strand

This week I get the great opportunity to help some crew learn how to study and understand the bible and then write a bible study so they can help others learn too.The basic structure we teach is; Read, read and … Continue reading

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Today started great, the rain had stopped and got better as the day went on.The talk from Phillip Jensen was really convicting. It was on materialism.I haven’t had time to properly digest it to summarise it well so here are … Continue reading

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KYLC #1 Fear the Drizzle

I’m up at sunny (also known as drizzling) Katoomba @ Katoomba Youth Leaders Convention.As normal the weather is not the most pleasant, but thats ok. Hasn’t really fitted with my strands theme of the beach, but hey, its cool to … Continue reading

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I’m not dead! + 2008

Hey all, I haven’t posted for a long time. Sorry.I am still alive and doing fine. (Rufio one of my fish however isn’t, he died yesterday)I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. Mine was great, thanks … Continue reading

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