Hump Day Prayers #18 + Next post #100

Hey again, it’s been a while since I posted. Mostly because I was in Townsville for a wedding. I only have a couple of photos too, my camera broke on the first day I was up there, very annoying, and now the SD card wont read, so no photo for you all.

Anyway, it was a great time away, hang out with mates and meeting new people and enjoying God’s creation in the heat. Mark and Suzie’s wedding was fantastic, the weather turned out perfect for them. All in all it was a great time with many stories to be told, but I can’t be bothered boring you with them.
Now that I’m back there is lots to do.
This friday is going to be sweet, we are going on the inaugural Fresh Nite Out which will be a great time for my new youth crew to meet my old youth crew and also to hit up the beach. Just pray that we are able to get transport for everyone and also that it will be a safe and encouraging time.
Today I started planning my holiday work for college. Got lots to do, calvin reading (50 pages a week), greek translation from John, a philosophy assignment and a yth min assessment which they failed to give us during the term which is frustrating. Their options are to give us an exam or a couple of assessments (~2500 words). I would much prefer the assessments, cause the exam would be around the time I will be in NZ and that is no good, so Pray that I get given assessments rather than exam, it will be more interesting to do an in-depth study of a yth min topic than do broad study for an exam.
In Summary
  • Relaxing time in Townsville (Mark and Suzie be a God serving, loving couple)
  • Fresh Nite Out
  • Holiday college work (esp yth min assess.)
P.S. My next post is #100, got any ideas for what I should do?
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One Response to Hump Day Prayers #18 + Next post #100

  1. David says:

    sketch a tree – use charcoal, scan it, then upload it as your 100th post.

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