YMC #3 – Leaders need to follow too + Girls

(How good is Beef Jerkey?)

Well the conference is over, people have gone home, but my guess is that they have gone home challenged to be faithful, godly servants of Jesus Christ. That in their youth leadership they will seek to follow Jesus as the Ultimate Leader.
One of the workshops that I went to today was about girls with emotional issues. One of the things that struck me was that many of the young girls that go through these radical emotional changes realised that they were changing, but didn’t like what they were becoming, yet at the same time felt powerless to resist the onslaught of our culture and the advertising and images promoted by the corporate beast.
They still starve what we all starve for: a Striving for Passion and for meaningful relationships. We need to be real with the girls we are ministering to. Need to understand the pressures that the media and culture place on them and also teach our young men to honour and respect the girls, esp. in the area of sexuality.
I’ve really enjoyed that past two days and will need to keep thinking about, and apply the things that I have heard.

(Check out the past posts #1, #2 and Daves #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, I’m sure he will add more too)

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