Youth Ministry Conference: Leading the Followers #1

Just had an awesome day back at college (and I thought I was done for the year), but it wasn’t for college, it was for a sweet as youth ministry conference run by youthworks.

It’s all been about leadership and you can check out some other posts (Dave: #1, #2)
In addition to some of Dave’s notes, I found the second session really challenging.
Leaders: ‘Get into Shape’ (2 Tim 3)
Steve Chong started out telling us about how we are all influenced by something, or someone. What drives you shapes how you act. The thing is that we are saturated in a culture that overwhelms us. So how do we respond and filter it?
Steve Gave 4 points, highlighting the contrasts that Paul makes. (Notice the chiastic structure)
  • Leaders Shaped by Self (2-5)

The root problem is that we love ourselves and not God. We seek to look like the perfect Christian, having the appearance of godliness but denying God’s power. 

The question: Are we the real deal or are we projecting an image of God?
  • The Examples of Leaders Shaped by Self (6-9)
They are fakers, religious types, the deceive and fall into sin (deceiving weak willed women)
  • The Example of Paul (10-13)
He suffered for the Gospel that he called others to suffer for too. He had endured what he asked his followers to endure, he did what he asked them to do. He didn’t delegate them tasks he himself was unwilling to do. Following ones example and setting an example is a great way to learn and teach.
The question: Are we setting a good example? Are we doing what we ask our youth leaders to do and our kids to do?
  • Leaders Shaped by Scripture (14-17)
The scriptures make us wise for salvation found in Jesus, (i.e. they reveal who God is and who we are in relation to Him). The Scriptures are God breathed. Steve laboured hard to instill a passion for the Word, we have fantastic access to God through it, we should be passionate about reading it (we find it easy to read the paper in the morning, read blogs, sport reports, check Facebook, yet fail to read God’s word so easily). We should delight in God’s word.
As I reflected on why we often don’t read the bible, or are passionate about it, is because unlike the news and most blogs it cuts into our life and our hearts and calls us to change, and thats not pleasant.
It is easy to get caught up in the business of ministry and forget to read the bible and pray, to let it sculpt our lives and cut bits off and reshape others.
I’m looking forward to tomorrow and will again share with you my thoughts.
(note, looks like Dave has written thoughts on this too since I wrote mine)
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