Hump Day Prayers #16

One exam left to go, it’s tomorrow (Thurs at 2pm)
It been great to be able to study, as tiring and to be honest annoying at times it is there is much gain.
I feel I understand sections of the Bible better, I also have enjoyed Learning about the church fathers in early church history.
On reflection this year has been great (will do a longer and more thought out post on my first year at college), I’ve learnt lots and made some great friends along the way. The lecturers are great and very humble and gracious.
Definitely looking forward to holidays too.

This Friday will be sweet, Playjerise will be playing at youth.
Looking forward to the weekend, no study, a wedding (Claire and Mark) and a 21st (Juddy)
Also I resolute to play more bass over the holidays

  • Thanks for time of study and learning
  • Thanks for college this year
  • Playjerise at youth
  • Fun time on the w/e
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2 Responses to Hump Day Prayers #16

  1. David says:

    hey i’ll see you at the wedding!!

    nice pic of bass.

    how much are playjerise?
    we’ve got a guy that has tried to get in touch with them but to no avail.

  2. Duke says:

    not real sure, wasnt involved in organising it. i think it could have been around $500, maybe?

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