Hump Day Prayers #15

Had a meeting about youth ministry next year on Sunday.
Was exciting to talk about what we could implement ad the use of the new building work.
We are starting to see the flow on effect of the original young youth finishing high school and look to help out with leading the young crew. That will be exciting.
Also the possibility of an 18+ type of group to help those that age intentionally hang out a bit more, esp for the few that have moved into North Epping from somewhere else and haven’t grown up in the close community.
There are also other ideas circulating. Like summer fun, Camp ideas and dates and Leader training.

This weekend is the church weekend away. Cant go due to exams, but pray that it will be a great time of bonding and fellowship. Also gives me the chance to visit my home church down at Narrabeen, Will be good to see some of my mates (I’ve seen a lot of the lately because of a couple of weddings, but for those who weren’t there will be good)

  • Youth next year
  • Weekend away
  • Home church

How hot is this photo of Joe Hart making a superman save (Clean sheet too)
As a keeper, I’m so impressed, esp since he plays for City
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