Sleeping like a Calvinist

With exams and all the stress and worry that is often associated with them, I have decided to share some thoughts about getting to sleep the night before the exams.

  • Loosing sleep is bad or doing exams and for memory
  • Don’t stay up studying too late for previous reason.
  • If you haven’t got it done by now you wont get it done.
  • It’s your own fault that you didn’t get it done (preaching to self here).
  • Don’t go to sleep worried that you don’t know everything.
  • If you worry you wont sleep (back to 1st point)
  • Therefore trust that in the end it all be worked out anyway and that what ever has been done (or not done) is what was meant to be and is just part of life.
  • Pray hard that the questions line up with what you have learnt.

So in the end how it is, is how it was mean to be and will always have been due to God’s pre-ordaining, therefore sleep like a Calvinist knowing God’s in control and you can’t change anything now.
If you got no idea what I’m talking about don’t worry, but you can check out the Five Points of Calvinism, my thoughts revolve around point 2 (unconditional election)

Keep voting on askanything for the youth min question, or the one on Driscoll making jokes.
Oh and City are still 3rd after drawing away at Pompey 0-0

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2 Responses to Sleeping like a Calvinist

  1. David says:

    good post.

    i’ve started giving my votes to the youth ministry question at mars hill.


  2. ritzy-girl says:

    BUT… you just never know what might go in during those ‘last minute crams’… let me tell you I graduated based on those last minute crammings hehehe….

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