Hump Day Prayers #13 (exams)

It feels as if all my requests in the next few weeks will all sound the same, so therefore to stem the tide of my weekly prayer becoming like groundhog day I will lay out all my exam requests now.
This Week:
Pastoral Epistles Take home exam, due Friday.
Jonah Exam – Friday Arvo
STUVAC (next Week):
Monday – Youth Ministry
1st Week:
Monday – OT
Wednesday – NT
Friday – Church History
2nd Week:
Wednesday – Mission Foundations
Thursday – Doctrine

It would be great if you can pray for efficient and disciplined study for all my exams. I don’t really get stressed about exams, but pray that I would remain calm and focused. Also pray that I don’t give up reading and praying because I need to study.
So over the next few weeks I will be doing exams, but will still keep blogging (probably with more fervor in order to procrastinate) and future Wednesdays will hold prayers of the other parts of my life and also ones of thanks.
So thanks for praying for me, I know many of you that do and I am grateful.

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