New style of Bible

I’ve been looking at this new way (actually it is partially an old way) of presenting God’s word. It is in a reliable translation (TNIV) but they have fiddled with the book order, which is not meant to be concrete (The Christian OT is in a different order than the Jewish bible). They have also taken out the chapter and verse headings as well as the section headings. This means you are not affected by the artifical additions of chapter divisions, and headings. You can read the text clearly in its own text without being influenced by the additions, it helps the flow of what you are reading.
This will be great for personal reading as it will actually feel like reading a book or a letter or poetry, or whatever the genre. This will be great for people who aren’t used to reading the bible to pick up God’s word and have a read. Some have said that it would not be useful for study, but after reading some feedback, I agree that it will also be useful for that too as you can understand the context better and as said before, not be influenced by the artificial additions.
Sure it’s not for everyone and there will be those who will lash out at it about its choice of book order, but they can have their wingnut, wackjob, fundie views. I don’t care, I think this will be a great tool in introducing people to God’s word ad also helping myself get into it more.
All I have to do is source myself a copy, cant get it online cause no international shipping from the supplier, amazon is ridiculously expensive and Koorong wont have stock till January.
Check out more details here.

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