10 reasons you should go to KYLC

This January I will be Leading on KYLC (Katoomba Youth Leadership Convention)( The site is poor, but hopefully will be better when rego opens).
It is awesome, and here is why you should go:

  1. It will be more pleasing than the website
  2. Learn how to read, understand and teach the bible to others.
  3. Learn how to package a bible study
  4. Get to listen to gifted preachers expound the gospel and explain the bible well (Phillip Jensen, Ben Pfahlert)
  5. Get tips for doing youth ministry well.
  6. Hang out with and encourage hundreds of other Christian brothers and sisters for a week
  7. Check out Katoomba and the beautiful surrounding Blue Mountains.
  8. Go searching for WOMBATS!!
  9. If single find yourself someone to try out those awesome Christian pick-up lines on. (Check out the Facebook group for some ideas)
  10. If going for the first time have the chance to have Jacqui and I as your strand leaders.

I could list more but 10 is a nice round number, and it would only get silly. Hope to see you there if you go in week 1 (14-18 Jan)

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3 Responses to 10 reasons you should go to KYLC

  1. David says:

    will probably we taking some peeps during the 2nd week and looking for to doing number 8.

  2. ritzy-girl says:

    I hope thats not a top ten list of reasons to go.. I should hope no:10 would be higher… 😉

  3. ritzy-girl says:

    Chirstian pick-up lines… surely not.. what do they teach you at Moore *wink,wink*

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