Hump Day Prayers #11

The most pressing thing at the moment is my G(r)eek exam. I do enjoy Greek but when you do it all the time, it gets a little frustrating, and rote earning ain’t my thing so vocab can be laboured.
This Friday starts the new term at youth, should be great, also excited that one of the new leader will be sharing with us about suffering, so pray for Kat.
After reading a blog by Driscoll on the use of technology, I want to reflect on my own use (or overuse as it often is) of technology in my life. I don’t need to be always connected, up to date with all the blogs I read and the news, surrounded by noise (due to my love of music, I love to be listening to something all the time, and I’m not a big fan of silence either). So working out how i can limit my use and spend time with eople instead, like fiends and family, face to face.

  • Greek
  • Youth, Kat speaking
  • Use of Technology


Shippies, (photo: coastalwatch)
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