Hump Day Prayers #10

College is gearing up for exams, so the heightened workload has come, currently just trying to get through Greek study, exam is next Friday. Study has been ok, need to get vocab sorted, make translation easier, so I aim to add 15 words a day to my current knowledge, it should get me close to what I need.
I’m also excited about youth this term, should be lots of fun, there its lots going on, check out the recent new at the website. We are doing a short topical series looking at big issues.
Dad is back from holiday in QLD, looking forward to seeing him on the weekend.
I also want to give thanks again for the opportunity to study at bible college. Its a great privilege and I often take it for granted.

  • Greek exam, focus studying.
  • Youth this term
  • Hanging with Dad
  • Thanks for college
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One Response to Hump Day Prayers #10

  1. Steve says:

    Love ya mate

    Keep greeking hard

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