Hump Day Prayers #8

I missed last week due to being away up the coast. Great thanks can be given for that time away, it was refreshing and lots of fun, even if a little rushed.
More and more I am convicted about my pathetic attempts at reading the bible. Now, preaching on ‘Hearing God’s Word’ makes this even more prominent as i consider the application of what I’m saying, but for me this is the best topic to be doing. So far I’m loving it, so excited to be talking about it, even got a good session in the word before class today (I’m not a morning person).
Also looking forward to hang out with the youth this Friday, will be lots of fun. In regard to youth I need to decide what to look at next term. I’m considering Ephesians cause I’m doing that at college, but would be good to do a topic series, but that might be hard for me around exams, but would love to do a series on technology and the web. Selecting series can be hard in youth ministry, got any suggestions?

The points:

  • Thanks for good break.
  • Talk for church on hearing God’s word
  • Better time in God’s word for myself
  • Youth planing
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