Holidays + Reading + Preaching

I’ve been away up the coast, and also just relaxing over the weekend, so haven’t posted for a while. But am back at college now and routine returns.
Having a break was good, got up the coast for a surf with my mate, was lots of fun, but didn’t get to rest as much as i expected, did a lot of driving too. Went surfing at Boomerang beach and then One mile @ Forster. Both were great sessions, got dolphins too. But made the drive up to Crescent Head, surf was average there, but got out onto the beach with the Patrol, Lots of fun, also got lost adventuring in the bush, but was fun anyway.
Got new books, just got my order from Desiring God when they did a US$5 for every book in store sale, so I have even more books to read, almost halfway through one of those though, it is an easy short read, but already some amazing stuff in it. The book, is ‘The Supremacy of God and Preaching’ by John Piper. Its been a real good challenge about the nature of preaching, when I finish it I will do a review on it.
Talking about preaching, I will be doing so on Sunday and it’s an awesome topic. I get to preach on hearing God’s word, I’ve been thinking about it lots, I could say so much, but will need to narrow it down for time reasons. Might share my thoughts and convictions as I go too.
Will be good times coming up. Also happy about Man City coming 3rd and Sydney FC finally getting a win.

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