Summer is coming!!

It not just that it’s warm that signals that summer is coming.
Today has been very summeresque. And this is really noticeable on the coast, if you aren’t near the coast, you probably wouldn’t have noticed anything except a bit of warmth.
But if your were near the coat, there are 3 things that were characteristic to summer.

  • The fairly strong NNE breeze, usually typical of summer and the coast.
  • Because of this prevailing wind, wind swell, that is choppy messy and weak and hard to catch, although i did enjoy going for a paddle today.
  • Coastal showers i.e. Really dark clouds that send fat rain for 3 min then leave a the nice smell of evaporating water off hot roads.

So summer is on its way, the water is still cold and I sneeze more now(i.e. its springtime and I got hayfever).
It’s easy to talk about the weather, but hard to talk about Jesus.
My brain is dead today, didn’t get much work on Josiah done except that he is a good messiah style figure, compared with both Moses and David, thats a pretty good job. He is who the king was supposed to be. But we see a perfect king come 600 years later and his name was Jesus, he was the messiah.

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