Josiah: The mini series

My OT essay is on King Josiah, and I think the best way for me to work out what’s going on to help me write it is to try and communicate my thoughts to you (all 3 of you who read my blog).
Josiah is a cool dude, he was faithful to the LORD and followed in the steps of David, not swerving to the left or to the right. All this was in a time that not many followed the LORD and instead worship other gods and idols, like Baal and Ashera, the fertility gods. So far my thoughts aren’t too advanced, and some of my thoughts aren’t even helpful to me for my essay but I think are worth mentioning.
When Josiah had the ‘book of the law’ (most likely Deuteronomy) read to him he fell down tore his cothes and wept because of the actions of him and his people. Upon hearing the word he realised that he was sinful and needed the LORD, it brought him much sorrow because it understood the gravity of their sin and that the nation would be destroyed because of it (mainly due to his great-grandaddy, Mannaseh being an idolatrous nutjob). You then see repentance on Josiah part as he seeks to reform the nation and have Jerusalem as the focus point again, where the people worship the true and living God once again, he celebrates the passover like never seen since the Judges.
For me this has hit home in my own reading of the scriptures.

  • Do I read the bible and weep when it unveils my sinfulness?
  • Do I thanks Jesus for saving me from the destruction is deserve, and then rejoice?
  • Do I repent of my ways, not in order to earn my salvation, but to please the Lord for that is good and right?

This has been a huge challenge and over the years I sense that for many things in my life I have failed to see the gravity of them, and repent. I do take joy in Jesus saving and redemptive work , but how often I forget too.
As I continue to work out Josiah’s theological significance, I will hopefully share more thoughts.

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5 Responses to Josiah: The mini series

  1. b says:

    I keep an eye on your blog via RSS and, as a fellow bible college student I especially appreciate your posts – thanks for sharing this one and posing those three questions for reflection.

    Personally I think I do all three things – and like the people of Josiah times i find that there is a period of renewal but often it is followed by a return to the behaviours of before or the discovery of new areas of my life that require Jesus to return to his place as Lord.

    But that is the nature of sanctification – a process not a destination – which we will go through our whole lives.

    I just give thanks, as you do, for the grace of God shown to me in Jesus – His salvation and redemption.

    Just to let you know that each Wednesday I pray for the things you share. God Bless you brother as you seek to be more like Him and follow Him more closely.

  2. Duke says:

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and your prayers.

  3. James says:

    Notch me up as one more person who reads your blog mate – The wonders of facebook 😉

    You write some great words. I’m looking forward to what else you might learn from Josiah. And it’s prompted me to do some OT reading of my own.

  4. Duke says:

    It’s funny both of you have commented that you read it, in reference to my comment that only 3 of you read it. I know more than that do, but its a funny line which i cant claim, i stole it from driscoll

  5. David says:

    i read it… and i steal from driscoll too!

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