Hump Day Prayers #7

This week is essay week, one discovery I have found is this essay will be harder than I first thought. I am writing on King Josiah, and he is a real awesome dude. He brought in all this reform and got rid of the cultist practices that were ripping Judah apart (check is out in 2 Kings 22-23). The problem is that my reading is ripping apart his reign, whether it is valid, etc. I really don’t like text criticism, but I do see the point of it. Anyway, getting the motivation to work on something that isn’t as exciting as I first thought it would be is hard.
Also got a few things going on at youth that need organising, like a more focused outreach night and hangout night, still working on both of those.
The guts of it are:

  • Essay, motivation and insight.
  • Youth, upcoming events.
  • Thanks for Jesus, he is the prefect King.
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