Hump Day Prayers #4 + 50th post

This is my 50th post on this blog. Time to celebrate? Nah, I couldn’t be bothered.
But a few quick stats:

  • The first post was made just over a year ago
  • First 10 posts were spread over 9 months
  • The last 40 over 3 months
  • I like to talk about surfing and football

Anyway, that’s all boring. Now to the things of life.

This last weekend as I previously shared was great and had many things to be thankful for. The week so far has been good too. As mentioned last week, I have a principle parts exam tomorrow for Greek. It is pure rote learning and my prayer is that it will just stick in my head and I can just get it over with and get started on my other assignments.
This Friday Fresh will be serving the younger crew at Geko, I hope the crew get into it and have fun and be challenged as they serve, still working out the logistics at the moment though, so clarity would be great. On the topic of Fresh, Keren my faithful co-leader is almost due with her first child and therefore we need someone to replace her, there are some possibilities in the works, but wisdom and guidance would be great for knowing where to go with that.
Also at church we are seeing a few more 18-21 crew coming along, which is fantastic and we are looking at starting up a ministry that can get them interacting and socialising as not all of them grew up in the area. So yet again wisdom and guidance there would be fantastic.
Thanks, so to summarise:

  • Thanks for awesome weekend
  • Principle Parts exam
  • Fresh serving this Friday
  • Replacement for Keren
  • 18+ at Church


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