Best Gig Ever
Do Bloc Party deserve that praise?
I think YES, this may be cause i haven’t been to many big gigs, but the intimate shows i have seen do give them a run for their money. I really do enjoy their music, and they played well, and had some great improv too. One of the songs the bass player played a second drum kit, The lighting was amazing too.
But i must say i wouldn’t give this show a full 5 Stars. I think the volume could have been possibly 5dB lower, which means probably about 110 instead of 115 (you cant throw the your getting old line at me when it is that loud, the many high pitch guitar riffs piercing your ear drums does get annoying and i would like to hear them clearly).
I also have one or two other things which could be improved but i wont bother mentioning them.
I must say i really do enjoy seeing a band in a small venue more though. E.g i saw MXPX and RuFiO at the Gaelic club and both were great, then again i just like punk and getting on the barrier is lots of fun too.

p.s. I was going to add a pic but bluetooth isn’t working on lappy to get it from my phone.

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