Concussion, Church and College

Hump Day Prayers
This week has been hard so far. Had a great day on Friday and made good inroads into understanding the passage I am to preach on this Sunday (Col 1:15-23) and Youth group was great and some fantastic questions were asked. But it all turned sour when i suffered a concussion playing soccer on Saturday. I suffered a minor head injury, had memory loss and I am still recovering from the hit. I can’t concentrate well, or focus for long periods of time, making it hard to concentrate on work at college and get work done on the sermon. I am also very tired, making it harder still. Thankfully sleep hasn’t been an issue. My great day on friday is alittle fuzzy and the yards I made with sermon prep have been lost and I can’t remember the big questions I was going think about for my youth crew either.
On top of all of this I have a doctrine assignment due soon too. Prayer for my health would be much appreciated. Also wisdom with my use of time and energy as I seek to rest so I can recover and work so I can be faithful.
To summarise:

  • Quick recovery from concussion (give thanks for sleep).
  • Remember stuff i have forgotten.
  • Concentration and focus to able to prepare sermon
  • Find time to do doctrine assignment.

Thanks for your prayers

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