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Medieval Helpdesk


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What’s in a name

I just bought a companion for Rufio my goldfish, the new fish needs a name. Rufio is named after one of my favorite bands, the same logic may continue and will be reflected in some of the names.Here are some … Continue reading

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For all those Monty Python fans out there.What is the average air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? Answer.

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Lunar Eclipse Prayers

Photo: Joel Courtney How cool was last night, very awesome, the universe has always intrigued me, I have always loved looking up at the stars. I can see why so many people worship them rather than the creator of them, … Continue reading

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Light Reading

I thought the reading for college wasn’t enough (NOT). Guess this will have to be holiday reading, oh wait I got that for college too.I am looking forward to reading these books, when i get to them, it took 2 … Continue reading

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The Evangelator

This is total gold, a few inside jokes, helps to be a Sydney Anglican to get a lot of it.It’s from the review at college. enjoy!

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Hump Day Prayers #4 + 50th post

This is my 50th post on this blog. Time to celebrate? Nah, I couldn’t be bothered.But a few quick stats: The first post was made just over a year ago First 10 posts were spread over 9 months The last … Continue reading

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Youth Min Conference

I’m going, who’s joining me??Check It OUT

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Listening to Youth

Just read an insightful article about the way we listen and engage with youth.Points I took from it Adolescents need to be heard and listened too. Jesus listened, I need to listen more, I suck at listening. Listening builds trust … Continue reading

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…of the World

This last weekend has been great, God has been good.Started off with a fun surf at Warriewood where I had a pod of 20 dolphins swim past catching waves around me, so amazing!! God’s creation is so much fun to … Continue reading

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