Recent Events

A few things have happened recently, some will be filled in more tomorrow, but most of it fairly tame.
Saw The Simpson’s Movie on Thursday was funny as. Saw transformers again last night, again really enjoyed it, I like Bumble Bee as the old Camaro more than the new, the new has no character, its too cold.
I would usually think of something profound to say about the ideals put forward in these movies, esp so with transformers, but my brain isn’t working that well cause in got concussed playing soccer on Saturday and went to hospital. That means I will miss at least the next 3 weeks and also the football matches here at college, which i was really excited by.
Talking about football, so happy to see Iraq win the final of the Asian Cup, really intense match, if we had made it to the final, they would have beaten us again.
Also finished reading a book I’ve been reading, might review in the near future, might need to re-read the end, I have seriously forgotten most of it.
Thats about it.

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