Postage Costs

Been looking at buying some winter clothing from the states, really cheap cause its summer there, but the shipping is ridiculous.
A pair of pants, approx 500g costs about US$75 (~AU$85)
If I were to ship the same object from Australia to the US, it would cost me about AU$13 (~US$11) and if I didn’t need it to get there straight way i.e. within 2 weeks i could go via sea for $9.75
Also for the cost of the shipping 500g from the US I could ship 4kg of stuff from here for that price.
I never* need to ship anything to the states, this isn’t fair! It makes buying books off amazon expensive too.

* reminds me to send Alee some Tim Tams

Note: Blog resolution: Stop whining about trivial stuff.

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One Response to Postage Costs

  1. Duke says:

    I found a cheap option in the states, totally gold, similar rate to Aust. Post.

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