Arvo TV

Been on holidays, so I was just laying around reading blogs and news and watching some quality arvo TV (Lockie Leonard to be exact). It brought back memories about my arvo’s after school and the shows I used to watch. As I watched the cringe factor was so high, yet it was quite amusing.
I feel sorry for kids today though, cause their arvo TV gets interrupted by crappy 4:30 news (7 and 9). You can no longer do 4:00-6:30(7:30 if you like Neighbours and Home and Away, as if you ever would) with quality options. I think its a ploy to get kids off their butts and doing something instead of watching TV, the 4:30 time slot is exercise time (most probably PS3 or MSN). It’s funny how the ‘good old days’ seem so rosy.
One other thing I was reminded about is the terrible advertising to kids at this time slot, I don’t think a kid watching LL is going to want to by a baby doll that cries and sleeps when you hug and cradle it.
But don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed my dose of arvo TV, LL isn’t that bad a show, I remember reading the novel it was based on in early high school. But it made me consider what it’s saying about being a teenager.
Here were two points I got from it.

  • I’m still working this out and if I was to watch a few more episodes it may clear it up. What does dating look like for a young teenager, how do you learn it all? Lockie says at the end of the episode something like this (I’m paraphrasing) ‘you spend so much time trying to find a girlfriend and how to do it, that when you do finally get one, you don’t know what to do, you’ve got no plan’. I reckon its a good piece of advice but he solves it differently to how I would. Even for us older singles its a good question, so often we think, ‘It would be nice to be seeing someone’, then you finally do see someone and your got no idea what to do. As a Christian i want to be intentional about the relationships I have. Before it even starts it needs a direction. There is lots more I can say here but I might leave it for another post.
  • It’s was interesting to see the contrast in the two families (Lockie’s and his gf’s (missed her name)). Lockie’s family was poor, but they cared deeply for each other, Hers was falling apart, all about the money, and the kids neglected. It was interesting to see how different values affected each family. It was good to see the show encouraging the values of Lockie’s family and putting a negative spin on the other. But from what I hear so often, more families seem to be like the gf’s rather than Lockie’s. I think we need to keep reflecting on what is most important for our families. Good relationships are worth more than a few more dollars in the bank.

I think I’ve missed a few episodes, but I might keep watching LL to see what happens (although I don’t think many of the senior yth I lead watch it, it’s more the younger end of HS)

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One Response to Arvo TV

  1. Anonymous says:

    I totally watched Neighbours. Mainly because there was nothing else to watch and it was quite entertaining. It was insane.


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