Youth Website

I got bored and couldn’t sleep, so I created a website for our senior youth group (Fresh) at All Saints Nth Epping. I decided wordpress was going to be the most useful for a group website, utilising its multi-page function (still to do) and the useful blog (web 2.0) format of keeping things updated and making posting new info easy. It is still in its infant stages and I still really haven’t made it public yet and wont until first week of term I guess. It still needs more info and design editing (i.e. a colour scheme change, dont like the current one). But its a start and good for 3:30am I think.
I love web 2.0 cause it makes web use so much easier for less versed web users (I use this in the sense that I don’t know html) in designing a site easily. It allows some good freedoms, and I know just enough to customise it somewhat how I would like, or at least to make it not look like every other website (although that cannot be avoided using a wordpress template).
the whole web thing is really interesting, a lot of the kids i am leading will be able to design stuff way easier than I can when they get into it (if they do). Been considering what to do for 4th term at youth as well. 4 years ago at Narrabeen we did a series called http://www.christian talking about how to use the internet and computers for good and avoid all the dodgy stuff. So I might look at doing that, but it might be hard cause of a lack of leaders for talks, but might do some more forum style discussions (could call them chat rooms (so lame), but my impression is that they have gone out of style, the advent of web 2.0 has caused this, along with myspace and now facebook). Over the next term i might blog about some ideas for possible topics in that serries, would be great to receive some feedback too.
Time for sleep now that I’m tired and wont struggling tring to fall asleep.

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2 Responses to Youth Website

  1. David says:

    wordpress rocks.
    is the correct address
    (wrong in your sidebar)

  2. Duke says:

    Cheers Dude
    About to head up t the central coast now, staying with my mate Jason for a few days.

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