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Recent Events

A few things have happened recently, some will be filled in more tomorrow, but most of it fairly tame.Saw The Simpson’s Movie on Thursday was funny as. Saw transformers again last night, again really enjoyed it, I like Bumble Bee … Continue reading

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Hump Day Prayers

Every Wednesday I want to be able to share some things that I would love people to pray about. This will achieve two things for me. Will get people praying, including myself, prayer is always good. Will update people I … Continue reading

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Ministry Burnout

On The Resurgence site, Mark Driscoll has done an awesome talk on the pitfalls and dangers of full time ministry (esp with church planting). For me personally it gives great advice on how to start out, and make changes now … Continue reading

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Postage Costs

Been looking at buying some winter clothing from the states, really cheap cause its summer there, but the shipping is ridiculous.A pair of pants, approx 500g costs about US$75 (~AU$85)If I were to ship the same object from Australia to … Continue reading

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Movie of the Year

This year I have seen more movies than any other year, but there is yet one more I MUST see.Enjoy It will be awesome.

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Arvo TV

Been on holidays, so I was just laying around reading blogs and news and watching some quality arvo TV (Lockie Leonard to be exact). It brought back memories about my arvo’s after school and the shows I used to watch. … Continue reading

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The young men perform

The young boys have performed tonight, Beauchamp, Carney, Milligan all played well, and a fine captains performance by Mr Viduka with 2 fantastic Goals.My heart won, we outplayed the Thai’s although there was some tense moments in the middle section … Continue reading

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Australia are trash

Just watched a woeful, disappointing, terrible, undisciplined display by the Socceroos in their 3-1 loss to Iraq (Awesome goal by the Aussies, the only highlight)My prediction: Heads will roll (most likely Graham Arnold’s) and I think we will loose to … Continue reading

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Youth Website

I got bored and couldn’t sleep, so I created a website for our senior youth group (Fresh) at All Saints Nth Epping. I decided wordpress was going to be the most useful for a group website, utilising its multi-page function … Continue reading

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Good Frustrations

Tried going surfing today, couldn’t paddle out, massive waves, very cool, frustrated I couldn’t get out and surf them.Also been organising youth for term 3, trying to work out who will be speaking and what week is really hard, esp … Continue reading

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