Julian: Hymns of Hate

Last night I was reading a hymn written by a dude who didn’t like Emperor Julian because of his paganism, it was pretty intense, bordering on hateful. Lots of imagery, with some reference to the evil kings of Israel, like Jezebel, Jeroboam, Ahab who turned to pagan idols like Baal etc. Julian was an interesting dude, grew up a Christian, then studied under some thinkers (philosopher types) and decided that following pagan gods was a more intellectual thing to do, therefore as emperor he restricted Christian freedoms again. Sought to take them out of teaching roles (to make the Christians uneducated and unable to write stuff to share with others) provided more freedom for pagan worship and provided pay for pagan priests and less benefits of the Christian ones.
Was wondering if people write song like that about leaders, didn’t have to think long to consider the many punk rock songs written against the establishment (The Man) and esp Bush in recent history.
Wonder if there are any Christian artists writing about evil political leaders and comparing them to the evil kings of Israel??

Photo: Greenday, one of those punk rock bands

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