Something Precious

Last week at college as part of our first year group, which meets to share life together and care for each other. As part of this we have been sharing something from our lives that we consider precious or valuable or significant in our life.
So for me I shared about home, the NB (Northern Beaches) and the beach. I love the water, I love the waves and its great to enjoy God’s creation as I go surfing with mates or by myself. When I don’t go in the water for a while something feels missing, it could be salt and sand in my hair and ears and nose, but it is more than that, I don’t know how to describe it but it’s just the way it is.
But it has made me consider what else is valuable and precious in my life. What else do I miss after extended periods of time without. I miss my mates, being at college has distanced me from many of my friends, it has been great getting to know new people but those close friendships that I have can’t be replaced.
Also there are somethings which are with me always that I take for granted, and the last few weeks this has been made known to me. This has been most evident in my relationship with Jesus. At times I’ve become so wrapped up in the business of life, that I have failed to remember His love for me and His desire mold me and change me and use me for His work. This was most obvious when I was sick 2 weeks ago, I had no energy and couldn’t do much and I realised that for a lot of the things I do I rely on my own strength and abilities to get things done, I rely on my own efforts and skills. It is easy to rely on yourself but to trust God for that which you need is much harder, but far more rewarding.
As I reflect on what has been happening lately, I am reminded that Jesus is the most precious thing in my life. His love and sacrifice for me, a mere clay pot, yet he chooses me to save, to use, to mold.
I pray that I will follow Jesus, will put Him first, will turn to Him for everything, will thank Him for all that He has done, is doing and will do.
Jesus you are that reason to live, you are life!!

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One Response to Something Precious

  1. ritzy-girl says:

    very encouraging post… something for me to think about!!

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