Spiderman Goes EMO

Saw the latest installment of Spiderman Last night. Overall I really enjoyed the film, fantastic special effects, plot line not too predictable, or corny, and not the ending I was expecting either. (In case your worried about reading this and me giving out spoilers, I will seek not to.) I was very amused at times during the movie, mostly at corny or uncomfortable scenes. My favourite bit is seeing peter parker looking EMO, its gold.
As I reflect on the movie and some of the ideas it raises, it makes me pause and think, what is Hollywood trying to say about the current culture, or how is it influencing culture. The issue of morality and being a good person came up. It seemed that being a good person depended partly on the choices you made. But the opposite didn’t always apply, making bad choices makes you a bad person. There was also the idea that circumstances could cause you to be bad. Yet again there was also the bite size quotes from the aunt on morality. These were very fluffy, but not livable I think. Starting with a premise that you are naturally good always makes pop morality unattainable, because the truth that Jesus tells us is that we are not good, but sinful at the core. It is the assumption that we are inheritably good that Hollywood (which reflects our current culture) makes that makes people so lost and fill them with guilt every time they do something wrong. It also makes people think that they are good people who don’t need saving. Which hardens them to the message of the gospel.
As a close let me ask some questions:

  • How much influence does Hollywood have on our culture?
  • How does our view of ourselves (good or bad) affect our response to Jesus?
  • How do we tell people who think they are good that they need Jesus?

I would love your response to any of these question, it may have raised other questions you may wish to ask too.
Duke OUT

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