For all 3 of you who read my blog, sorry I haven’t posted for a while.

I’ve just been up at KYCK this weekend, it was so good!!
The theme was ‘Follow’ which was looking at Lk 9-18. It was all about what following Jesus looked like and what it would be like. To summarise following Jesus will mean shame, rejection and death, but it will result in Life. I was greatly encouraged by the crew I went with. Their keenness to stand up for Jesus in this world, no matter what the cost.
I was thinking about counting the cost in my own life, and also about my relationship with Jesus in general. As I’ve had a break from college, and therefore a break from routine, my quiet times have suffered. When i reflect on this I wish this didn’t happen. My relationship with Jesus shouldn’t be dictated by routine. No matter what I’m doing I should be keen to sit down in silence and listen to God in his word. I should be keen to approach the God of love and grace and thank Him for all he has given me and come before the God of the universe who provides all things in this life and bring my needs to before Him everyday. I wish and pray that I didn’t need to have a routine to make this a regular daily part of my life as I follow Jesus. But for now routine is good because it makes me regular at doing these things. Now that I am back at college, my quiet times will hopefully return to regularity.

Now as always I will also add my latest pic of surf that I long for. Taken at carparks a few Saturdays ago. I was sleeping @ Narrabeen when this came through, why oh why would I do something stupid like that??

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